About Us

Leakmasters has been in existence from 2006. We have specialised equipment to test and detect leaks on internal and external pipes, including waste lines using tested methods by hydraulic, hydrogen, pressurised and acoustic. We can locate a leak on a 15mm diameter to 150mm diameter pipe, and to lengths of over a kilometre.

A residential unit can generally be completed within the hour. Complexes/Flats, Factories, Shopping Malls and Schools would take longer.

Tips to save Water & Electricity

Saving Water will save Electricity. When a hot tap is opened, all the cold water in the pipe will be drained off and wasted until heated water arrives. To overcome this the geyser unit should be installed as close as possible to the kitchen, as this is where hot water is used regularly throughout the day. (Bathrooms are more often used in the morning or evening). Using a smaller sized pipe will also reduce the water wasted.

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Why use Leakmasters?

We work with the latest technology and equipment using:
  • high pressure water - jetting
  • Our portable equipment can be carried into buildings and lifts in order to:
  •  access those hard to reach places.
  • We provide high quality CCTV camera footage in order to detect and  identify the blockage.

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We also specialise in pool leak detections and have the equipment specifically for detecting leaks in pools.
A further service we offer, is our sewers and drains division, unblocking sewers, drains and storm water lines with high pressure jetting of lines from 110mm to 500mm in diameter, including CCTV camera inspections of lines and we also do drain and pipe location.
Deterioration of pipes is a large cause of water loss and results in excessively high water bills. Water damage to your property can also be costly, so if you suspect you may have a leak, it is best to find it before the resultant damage incurs large repair bills.

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